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Smart Creatives: You've Found Your Home

If you're a motivated and highly talented engineer, designer, salesperson, or marketer, we want you to join our team.

We will succeed as a company if, and only if, we find and hire the best talent.

We consider most positions to be engineering roles and expect that all applicants know how to code. Most of our best applicants have Computer Science (or similar) degrees from a well-regarded university.

Our strongest applicants also tend to have at least 3-5 years of experience in a position with direct responsibility for designing, developing, or supporting a production application with a large userbase.

Due to our size and the number of applications we receive, we have adopted a very tough screening process for new applicants. We only invite about 5% of applicants to an initial phone interview, and only about 10% of phone interviews lead to further conversations.

Working here isn't for everyone, but if you think it might be for you, please apply.

Available Positions

If you've read about our Holacracy practice, you know that we expect our staff to hold several roles in the company. Therefore, we make hiring decisions and conduct interviews based on broad skillsets, rather than specific role assignments.

Each link below will take you to a standalone recruiting page that we've built to be shareable amongst people with the appropriate skillset. We also post these links directly on job boards. That means they all have some redundant background information about Action Verb and Holacracy that you've probably already read by now. We ask your forgiveness for making you read it again.

We Are Actively Reviewing Resumes and Interviewing For The Following Skillsets:

  • Systems Engineer – Capable of developing and working on backend systems, including APIs, daemons, data pipelines, databases, and desktop applications. Expect an interview heavy on Computer Science, including algorithms, data structures, and computational complexity (applied to a variety of programming languages and systems) when applying under this skillset.
  • Front-End Engineer – Capable of developing and working on front-end user interfaces, mostly in JavaScript. Expect an interview heavy on JavaScript, HTML5, accessibility, mobile, and front-end performance when applying under this skillset.
  • Designer – Capable of working on UI/UX, and application and marketing design. Expect an interview heavy on CSS, UX, and design principles when applying under this skillset.
  • Native Speaker – Capable of working on translation, customer support, and sales. Expect an interview focused on customer interactions when applying under this skillset.

Future-Hiring Skillsets:

We believe that the following skillsets are currently sufficiently represented at Action Verb, but you can submit your resume for future review. We will keep your resume on file and review it when we need to expand our resource pool for that particular skillset.

  • Sales/Success Engineer – Capable of interacting directly with customers and prospects, working with them to help them use our products and resolve issues. Expect an interview focused on customer interactions when applying under this skillset.
  • Marketing Engineer – Capable of improving marketing, including paid traffic, conversion rate optimization, funnel strategy, lead magnets/giveaways, etc. Expect an interview heavy on marketing fundamentals, including copywriting, analytics, customer segmentation, and more when applying under this skillset.
  • Infrastructure/Devops Engineer – Capable of working on servers and infrastructure. Expect an interview heavy on Linux, security, and deploying and managing large systems of servers when applying under this skillset.
  • In-House Legal – If you have a JD Degree from an accredited law school, apply under this skillset.

Working at Action Verb

We think you'll agree that Action verb is an incredible and challenging place to do the best work of your career. Be sure to review our core beliefs as well as a primer on our use of Holacracy.