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Open Book Management

About Open Books

We learned about the idea of open book management from the folks at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI, a vertically integrated family of food businesses with revenues in the high eight figures. But their revenue isn't what impresses us.

What's so amazing about Zingerman's is simply how much fun everyone seems to be having and the amazing work environment they created for their team. Ask them how they do it, and they'll tell you it's because of open book management.

Every detail about the company's profits and losses is shared at weekly meetings and posted on whiteboards for everyone to see. Every employee participates in setting revenue goals, production goals, and cost goals, and their progress toward those goals is tracked in real time.

If the company is having a great week, there's no "boss" who comes out and gives a congratulatory speech. Everyone on the team already knows. And if the company is going through a rough patch, there's no need to send out the management to give a pep talk. The staff is already devising a plan to get things moving again.

Even though we don't have a physical office, we're endeavoring to replicate the culture of open book management that was pioneered by Zingerman's.

The Perfect Holacracy Companion

We see open book management as a key addition to our Holacracy practice that contributes to the success of our unique business model.

Since we distribute real decision making authority to every person in our organization, it's vital that every single employee has the data they need to make the best decisions possible.

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