Secure FTP Server for Business with Beautiful Web Workspace.

Vae™ Platform

Hosting Platform with Integrated CMS and eCommerce.

CoinReporting™ OH YEAH!

Digital Currency profit and loss calculator and tax compliance tool.

The Legend of Action Verb

Action Verb was founded in a Harvard University dorm room in 2007. Today, Action Verb operates two successful web infrastructure products that are used by thousands of people. And because we love the idea of digital currency, we just launched CoinReporting, the best way to track profit and losses on digital currency investments.

We aren't copycats.

When designing features for our products, we never look at our competitors for inspiration. We sit down and build exactly what would make us happy if we were in the shoes of our customers and partners.

Our customer base is broad.

We have customers and designer partners from all 50 U.S. States and from 13 international countries. Our infrastructure is designed to be as useful in Beijing as in Boston.

We aren't going anywhere.

Though we aren't billionaires, Action Verb is cash-flow positive and profitable. As we grow, we reinvest our profits into continued development and expanded customer service. We firmly believe that slow and steady wins the race. so we're not looking to "cash out" at the expense of our customers. We've been here for three and a half years, and we want to be around to offer our products forever.

Action Verb Team

Kevin Bombino


Kevin Bombino

Travis Skindzier

Product Manager

Travis Skindzier

Alfred Rossi

Operations Manager

Alfred Rossi

Michael Buselli

Senior Developer

Michael Buselli

Arthur Neuman

Operations Developer

Arthur Neuman

Thomas Hils

Sales and Support

Thomas Hils

Dario Kachel


Thomas Hils

VIP Services

On-Site Training Small Medium Large X-Large
Training Days 1 Day: Tuesday 2 Days: Tue-Wed 3 Days: Tue-Thu 5 Days: Tue-Wed, Tue-Wed
Hours Per Day 8 Hours 8 Hours 8 Hours 8 Hours
Number of Trainers 1 2 2 3
Developers Who May Attend Up to 6 Up to 12 Up to 18 Up to 30
Training Manual Copies 6 12 18 30
Private Support From Trainers 15 days 45 days 90 days 180 days
Location Visit Yes Yes Yes Yes
Travel Costs Included Included Included Included
Total Cost $9,500 $29,500 $48,500 $79,500
Professional Services Small Medium Large Dedicated Team Single Use
Max Response Time, non-emergency requests* 2 Business Days. Same business day. ASAP, Highest Priority. 24/7 on-call pager. ASAP, Highest Priority. 24/7 on-call pager. 2 Business Days
Same Developer For All Contacts Yes Yes 2 Semi-Dedicated Developers 2 Dedicated Developers No
On-Site Support/Meetings Anywhere* Anywhere* Anywhere* Anywhere* Anywhere*
Proactive Site Monitoring Up to 2 sites. Up to 5 sites. Up to 10 sites. Up to 30 sites. N/A
Priority E-Mail Support Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Priority Telephone Support Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Developer Hours Included* 15 30 80 320 N/A
Additional Cost Per Hour $400 $375 $350 N/A $400
Minimum Billing Block Size, Per Response 20 min. 15 min. 10 min. N/A 30 min.
Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Availability 30 hrs/month 60 hrs/month 160 hrs/month 320 hrs/month Contact Us
Cost $4,900/month $8,900/month $23,900/month $79,900/month $4,900/month minimum
Commitment 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year N/A

Professional Services Include:

  • Website Maintenance, including Vae, Brick, HTML, CSS, and E-Mail Marketing.
  • Custom Feature Development for Vae and Brick.
  • Priority Support for Vae and Brick.
  • Scaling and performance tuning for your website.
  • Working with your consultants, IT staff, or third parties to integrate Vae or Brick into your business.
  • Personal introductions to third-parties that can assist your business, such as web designers, SEO consultants, and more.

1. Response time is the time between when we receive a request and when we respond with either a resolution or a schedule for development (for new development).

2. Our business hours are 10AM-6PM PST. Requests requiring action or availability outside these hours shall carry a minimum billing increment of 1 hour and will be billed at double the normal rate (calculated by multiplying the number of hours by 2). Except in genuine emergencies that are our fault, such requests are subject to availability.

3. Our developers are located in various cities, so will probably need to travel. In person meetings have a minimum billing time of 3 hours. Travel time is billed as actual time, with a maximum of 10 hours per day. Hotel and airfare costs will be billed through to client.


Who are Professional Services for?

Our Professional Services are for anyone who uses Vae or Brick and needs custom development, maintenance, or priority access to technical support.

Who is Training for?

Training is meant for larger design firms that are using Vae and have several employees working on Vae-powered sites.

Who provides Professional Services and Training?

Professional Services and Training are performed by members of the Action Verb development team. Everyone performing Professional Services and Training is intimately familiar with Vae and Brick systems, as well as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

Do these prices include hosting?

All prices quoted on this page are in addition to the standard prices for Vae or Brick.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We only accept direct bank debits for Professional Services. Training may be paid for via direct bank debit or company check. Professional Services must be pre-paid at the beginning of each month, with overage charges due immediately upon invoice. Training services must be paid for before training begins.